Reusable Lunch Bags

Living green is easy with zero waste solutions! Bringing your own lunch is healthier and more economical than eating out and Nubius Organics is proud to offer eco-friendly, reusable lunch bags that are selected for the best combination of style, durability and functionality. With dozens of great options free of hazardous materials such as lead, vinyl, BPA and PVC, bags certified Made in the USA, insulated lunch bags to 100% organic products - there’s a green eco-friendly, reusable lunch bag solution for everyone!

So head to work, out for a hike, or send the kids back to school or camp with reusable lunch bags, a solution that is as eco-friendly as it is economical. Disposable or "brown paper” lunch bags create anywhere from 4–8 ounces of garbage every day (about 100 pounds per year!), so it only makes sense to switch to reusable products for your zero waste solution needs.