Waste Free Lunch

Living green is easy with zero waste lunch solutions! Do you want to do your part to reduce waste? Over 50% of items thrown away each day come from food waste and food packaging so by switching to reusable products for your zero waste lunch solution needs, you will be making a difference in your health and the health of the environment. Bringing your own lunch is healthier and more economical than eating out everyday and Nubius Organics is pleased to provide reusable and zero waste lunch solutions from trusted, quality brands such as ECOBAGS, To-Go Ware, SnackTAXI, New Wave Enviro, ECO Lunchbags, Kids Konserve, Laptop Lunch and Wrap-N-Mat.

Wherever you go, whatever your need, Nubius Organics has an eco-friendly and economical zero waste solution for you and your family. From reusable lunch bags to reusable lunch containers and kits, all green products are non-toxic, free of hazardous materials such as lead, vinyl, BPA and PVC, made with eco-friendly materials using sustainable practices, all at an affordable price!