The Plug Guard. This multi-pack contains 3.


Brand: AM Conservation Group

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The Plug Guard™ replaces existing outlet plate covers, seals out drafts, saves energy and keeps unoccupied sockets covered for added child safety. Electrical injuries occur year after year to young children; The Plug Guard™ makes baby proofing easy for every room in the home. Its non-bulky, sleek design assures your home is safe and beautiful. The Plug Guard's™ spring activated doors slide open for plug in and automatically close when no plug is present in the socket. Easy to install, no special skills or tools are needed. The Plug Guard™ comes complete with installation instructions. Money and energy can be saved year-round on utility costs with the right draft stopping products. This weatherization product is professional grade, yet consumer friendly and is designed to seal in comfort and seal out drafts, reducing heating and cooling costs. Think green and go green with The Plug Guard™ for every room in your home.