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English Retreads - Bifold Wallet


Brand: English Retreads

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We think every man would agree – a wallet needs to be these four things: simple, practical, durable and funky (okay fine, we made up that last one). And when you boil it down, can you think of anything more simple, practical, durable or funky than a wallet made from an inner tube? We couldn't either.

You'll Love It Because…

The bi-fold wallet is a continual English Retreads' best-seller. It is simple, functional and timeless.

It has 4 credit card pockets, a bill holder and circular cutouts so that it's not just your basic black.

The smooth rubber helps this wallet slide easily into any pocket, yet provides just enough traction to foil any grand theft auto attempts.

Product Details

Made by: English Retreads
Made in: USA
Material: Reclaimed rubber inner tubes
Pockets: 4 credit card pockets & a bill fold pocket
Dimensions: W 4½" x H 3½" x D ½"
Strap Length: ---
Strap Drop: ---
Weight (lbs.): 0.20
Stuff that fits:
  • US dollars
  • credit cards
  • driver license
  • business card(s)