English Retreads - Fan Belt Luxe


Brand: English Retreads

Want some flair to funk up your pants? How about an inner tube around your waist! And the recycled PET material backing isn't just for fun, it's also for function, and by function we mean fun.

Belt sizes correspond to the size of your waist, not necessarily your pant size.

You'll Love It Because…

The Fan Belt is English Retreads' rough and tough alternative to the more colorful Seat Belt.

The 1½" wide Fan Belt provides just enough torque for a comfortable ride at all times.

Customize your belt with a funky hood ornament, the License Plate Belt Buckle. Your favorite buckle is easily interchangeable with the Fan Belt's handy snaps to provide superb maneuverability.

Product Details

Material: Recycled rubber inner tube
Weight (lbs.): 0.35
Made by: English Retreads
Made in: USA