English Retreads - Seat Belt


Brand: English Retreads

Here's the thing with belts… they hold your pants up. That's pretty important. So we beg you, for everyone's sake, to find a belt that you love and will wear all the time. After all, a belt has a pretty important job so it should get a chance to be both functional AND fun.

Belt sizes correspond to the size of your waist, not necessarily your pant size.

You'll Love It Because…

With a new twist on a classic idea, your true colors will shine through the sassy circular cutouts of the English Retreads Seat Belt.

Our classic reclaimed rubber is ingeniously joined with our vibrant recycled PET lining material to make your favorite new belt. At 1½ wide, this belt is sleek and provides a comfortable, custom fit.

Product Details

Small - 27.5”-34”
Medium - 32.5”-39”
Large - 37.5”-42”

Material: Reclaimed rubber inner tubes and recycled PET lining material
Weight (lbs.): 0.30
Made by: English Retreads
Made in: USA