Thinkbaby Conversion/Replacement Kit - 2 Pack


Brand: ThinkBaby

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Safer Products for healthier babies, thinkbaby's products address the growing concern over toxic chemicals leaching from plastic baby products. When thinkbaby began work on the thinkbaby system they looked at the number of baby bottles that parents purchased and the amount of waste that was created in the movement from baby bottles to Sippy cups. What they learned was that parents purchased 8 to 16 baby bottles in the first year then tossed them out and replaced them with Sippy cups. This not only is a very expensive practice, but it also creates a great deal of environmental waste. So they launched a system whereby you can easily transform thinkbaby bottles into their award winning Sippy cup. Most of the sippy cups on the market have hard plastic spouts or rubber spouts. The thinkbaby Sippy cup spouts are built with soft, medical grade silicone, perfect for children 9 to 36 months old. This makes for easy transition from baby bottles to Sippy cups. With the thinkbaby Sippy cup, the little one is already used to the feeling of silicone so making the transition is quite simple. The spouts also feature a cross cut design so children do not spill when the cups are held upside down. The Sippy cups are made from No. 5 plastic and therefore can be recycled after use (bottle not included in conversion kit). Simply purchase the thinkbaby Bottle Conversion Kit to pair with your thinkbaby bottles. To convert, remove the baby bottle nipple and replace with the Sippy cup spout. Then place the Sippy cup handles around the top of the baby bottle and push down over the neck of the bottle. Tighten the collar with spout around the neck of the bottle and.presto chango you have our award winning Sippy cup! The thinkbaby Baby Bottle to Sippy Cup Conversion Kit includes two spouts and one Sippy cup handle and is designed to fit all thinkbaby 5oz and 9oz bottles. Conversion Kit parts are dishwasher safe (Top rack recommended).