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 Greetings Nubius Community,

         I am Janet Carlson, my family and I have recently purchased Nubius Organics. We agree with the mission of Nubius and we wanted to do all that we could do to keep it around.  Although I have never operated a business like this before, my family and I have been pulling together resources and talents to make it happen. The shopping cart has been updated which will make the ordering and shipping process more user friendly. Our business model has changed and we are doing "drop ship" with our vendors. We have added some new vendors and products, many you will be familiar with and a there were a few that decided not to participate.   

           Nubius Organic's previous owner, Judy, built a wonderful company with a great following of people who are aware that their choices - no matter how seemingly small- can make a difference!  My goal is to continue making it possible for people to order and use products that are better for them and the environment. I have three wonderful kids and 5 grandchildren. It is important to us that we use products that are environmentally friendly as well as pure so they are body friendly!  

           We hope that you will visit Nubius Organics at its new location  We would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Please email us at

 Best wishes, 



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Janet Carlson January 04, 2013 1 tags (show)